Faculty from across every part of OSU participate in the MAIS program. Affiliated faculty participate by guiding MAIS students through their interdisciplinary work toward their degrees, by serving on degree committees, and by helping shape and support the program itself. In recent years, the core faculty active in supporting the MAIS program include:


Adult Education and Leadership
Shelly Dobkin-Lee
Loren Davis
Bryan Tilt
Kirsi Peltomaki
Ethnic Studies
Patty Sakurai
Robert Thompson
Graduate School
Charles Robinson
Hung-yok Ip
Frank Bernieri
John Edwards
Aurora Sherman
Public Policy
David Bernell (MAIS Director)
Speech Communication
Erin Gallagher
Trischa Goodnow
Robert Iltis
Elizabeth Root
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Liddy Detar
Patti Duncan
Susan Shaw
Writing, Literature, and Film
Peter Betjemann
Elizabeth Sheehan