As a graduate student you will write, and write, and write. And many times we feel less than certain about our writing ability. Am I choosing the right words? Am I getting my ideas across? Does this make sense to anyone but me? Where can I go for help? Here are some resources that OSU offers for writing.

Courses offered by the Graduate School

GRAD/WR 599 - Graduate Writing for English Language Learners

For students with TOEFL scores above the OSU minimums but who lack confidence in English composition for advanced academic purposes, this course focuses on graduate-level writing for english-language learners in all disciplines. It covers both grammatical issues that commonly arise within scholarly argumentation and rhetorical strategies for achieving greater clarity and persuasiveness in framing research methods and results. This new course was created in partnership with the School of Writing, Literature, and Film.

Course location: 
Corvallis Campus
Number of credits: 
3 credits
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Course catalog


Graduate Writing Center

The mission of the Oregon State University Graduate Writing Center is to support Oregon State University graduate students at every phase of their program, to facilitate the growth of individual writers, and to foster strong academic and creative writing communities. The Graduate Writing Center fulfills this mission through mentoring and training a corps of undergraduate and graduate student writing assistants who work directly with graduate students and with other Graduate Writing Center constituencies.

Corvallis Campus

Writing Feedback

How do you deal with writing feedback? What are the best ways for soliciting it from your major professor? Invited speaker Hugh Kearns, ThinkWell and Flinders University, provides an overview of writing feedback and how to get the most from it.