GRAD 521: Research Data Management. 2 credits. Corvallis. Winter term, CRN 39060.

If you are new to collecting data, the way you care for your data can have profound implications on the success of your research. This course provides you with a solid understanding of how to save, describe, preserve and publish your data.

Following good data management practices will help your career by making you more efficient and increasing the visibility and impact of your research. By preserving and sharing your data correctly, you will also contribute to accelerating scientific breakthroughs in your field.

During the course, you will explore topics including data ownership, data organization, data documentation, version control, and data sharing. You will have hands-on sessions introducing you to tools and strategies that will help you make your science more reproducible, like organizing your data in spreadsheets, using R to analyze your data, using Git as a version control software, or depositing data in ScholarsArchive@OSU.

Taught by Clara Llebot Lorente, Assistant Professor and Data Management Specialist for OSU Libraries.

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GRAD 521: Research Data Management