This form is used to petition an exception to the minimum English Language Proficiency requirements.  Please choose one or more of the categories below under which the applicant may qualify for an exception.  Additional documentation may be submitted as an upload to support the petition.  Supporting documents may include a letter of support, transcripts from another school’s ESL program, writing samples, test scores, etc.

  • Applicants may not submit a request. All requests must be submitted by the Department Head, Program Chairperson, Graduate Program Director or designated faculty. Program Coordinators may submit the petition on behalf of the designated faculty.

  • You may save a "Draft" of your request, by using the button at the of bottom this page. You will not be able to begin a new request until the draft you saved has been completed and submitted. Saving a "Draft" does not mean the request has been submitted.

  • Programs may upload documents containing materials to support the petition.  These documents may include letters, transcripts, GRE or alternative test scores, documentation from an international institute indicating that the language of instruction for the applicant's program was taught entirely in English. Uploaded documents must use the following name convention: GradMajor_LastName_FirstName_DocumentType.pdf

  • Once the exception request form has been submitted, an email will be sent to you for confirmation of all entered values.   At any time, if you discover corrections to be made, you may reply to the email or contact us using this website.