This is a list of current Environmental Sciences Graduate Program students.


Track Full name Email Research topic Degree Professor
  Abu qurayn, Ayat

  MS Joan Gross
Ecology Alamri, Ashwaq Saeed   MS Sunil Khanna
  Aldosari, Abdulrahman   PhD Hong Liu

Social Sciences

Anisha, Nureen   MS Carolyn Fonyo
Social Sciences

Applegate, Joshua   PhD Jenna Tilt


Camarata, Elizabeth   MS Dennis Albert
Environmental Education Canzoneri, Nicolette

  MS Shawn Rowe

Natural Resources

Crook, Michael Green procurement PSM Carolyn Fonyo

Water Resources

Davis, Todd   PSM Carolyn Fonyo

Water Resources

Dello, Kathie Water Policy and Climate Adaptation PhD Denise Lach


Demaree, David Nitrate in Groundwater, and the role of Community Science in La Pine Oregon. PhD Todd Jarvis


Derksen, Jacob   MS Jana Compton


Diehl, Taylor   PSM Carolyn Fonyo


Dresser, Kali   PSM Carolyn Fonyo
  Faria, Andre


PhD Reem Hajjar

Social Sciences

Fishler, Hillary

Institutional Analysis and Design of Recovering Wildland Fire-Prone Communities and Emergency Management and Mitigation Practices.

PhD Brent Steel


Fortner, Jessica   PSM Carolyn Fonyo


Freudenberger, Frederick "Fritz"   PSM Carolyn Fonyo


Garcia, Crystal   PSM Carolyn Fonyo
Ecology Goddard, Amanda

  MS Paul Adamus
Environmental Education Grzyb, Kimi

Bioenergy Education. PhD Hong Liu
Natural Resources Halama, Jonathan To deeper understand the effects of various riparian buffer distances, I am developing and integrating a spatiotemporal irradiance model into VELMA, an eco-hydrological model used for visualizing land management assessments. This irradiance model will address the effects of topological and object shading in a spatially explicit manner. PhD Robert Kennedy
Environmental Education
Harwell, Todd   PhD Shawn Rowe

Social Sciences

Husain, Abdullah The interaction between social institutions in Kuwait and environmental policies. PhD Brent Steel

Natural Resources

Ichien, Stephanie Climate Smart Aquaculture. PhD Hillary Egna


Jackson, Alicia   PSM Carolyn Fonyo
  Ju, Yimeng   PSM Pathways Carolyn Fonyo
Environmental Education Kent, Steven   PSM Carolyn Fonyo


Kim, Jun Tae   PhD Carolyn Fonyo


Klee, Amanda   MS Paul Adamus


Lemein, Todd Vegetation-Sediment Interaction in Estuaries PhD Dennis Albert
Social Sciences Maher, Anna Decision making in natural resource management: stakeholder response to uncertainty in restoration policy in the Great Basin. PhD Heidi Jo Albers
  Mendenhall, Jennifer   PSM Carolyn Fonyo
Ecology Messyasz, Adriana

The Roles of Viruses in Coral Reef Health, Disease, and Biogeochemical Cycling.

PhD Rebecca Vega Thurber


Nahata, Surbhi   MS Carolyn Fonyo


Nguyen, Christine   MS Tala Navab-Daneshmand


Nichols, Tayler   PSM Carolyn Fonyo


Piscitelli, Cody   MS Paul Adamus


Plunk, Chance   PSM Carolyn Fonyo


Portugal, Carla   PhD Carolyn Fonyo
Environmental Education Preston, Kimberley   MS SueAnn Bottoms
Social Sciences Risien, Julie Understanding the role of transformative collaborative learning networks seeking to build transformative capacity across multiple sites and at multiple scales; specifically, how actors experience and engage with a network and how those experiences empower them to instigate change in practices at their home institutions. PhD Bruce Goldstein
Environmental Education Robichaux, Laia How do adult visitors to science centers and museums interact with and react to exhibits on evolution. PhD Shawn Rowe


Rogan, Korie   PSM Carolyn Fonyo


Rose, Erik   PhD  


Rovero, Matthew   PSM Carolyn Fonyo
Environmental Education Rowe, Susan

  PhD Lynn Dierking


Ruble, Jenna   PSM Carolyn Fonyo
Environmental Education Sams, Jennifer   PhD Carolyn Fonyo
Ecology Sheehan, Timothy

Vegetation and wildfire response to climate change in the Pacific Northwest.

PhD Dominique Bachelet

Social Sciences

Sheldrick, Sarah   PhD Gregg Walker
Water Resources Spahr, Alexandra "AJ"   MS Michael Harte


Specht, Marisa   MS Joan Hagar

Natural Resources

Talal, Michelle   PhD Mary Santlemann


Tanner, Andrew   PhD  


Tatalovich, Nicholas   PSM Carolyn Fonyo
  Thomson, Savannah   MS Carolyn Fonyo
Ecology Tucker Serniak, Linda   PhD Joan Hagar


Tuttle, Elena TBD PhD Dennis Albert
Water Resources Upton, Tullia Environmental Magnetism and Water Quality Monitoring in Douglas County, Acid Rock Drainage and Contaminant Transformation/Transport. MS Joseph Stoner
Ecology Urbina Gonzalez, Jenny Effects of invasive species on amphibians. PhD Andy Blaustein and Tiffany Garcia

Natural Resources

VanRiper, Ramona "Froggie"   PhD Carolyn Fonyo


Villecco, Kimberly   PSM Carolyn Fonyo
Natural Resources

Villegas, Ciera   PhD Michael Harte


White, Tiffany   PSM Carolyn Fonyo
Environmental Education
Wicks, Teresa   PhD Lynn Dierking and SueAnn Bottoms