This event is only in-person

Monday, October 9, 2017 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

How do universities attract, recruit and retain quality graduate students? Should we employ different strategies for underrepresented students (racial, minority, economically disadvantaged,
gendered disparaged or first generation)?

Drs. Esters and Knobloch will address some of the challenges and barriers associated with developing an institutional culture using learner-centered strategies that support graduate students.
During the presentation, they will also discuss viable strategies and best practices to shift the culture that focus on inclusive and institutional mentoring.


Accommodations for disabilities may be made by contacting 541-737-1456.

Dr. Levon Esters is an Associate Professor of Youth Development and Agricultural Education at Purdue University and serves as the Director of the Mentoring at Purdue (M at P) program which is
designed to increase the number of women and URMs receiving advanced post-secondary STEM-based agricultural and life sciences degrees in Purdue University's College of Agriculture. Dr. Esters also
serves as a Senior Research Associate at The Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions (CMSI), which is the world's premier research and policy center focused on Minority Serving Institutions
(MSIs). Dr. Esters' research focuses broadly on issues of educational equity and access of underrepresented minority graduate students and faculty.

Dr. Neil Knobloch is a Professor of Youth Development and Agricultural Education at Purdue University. Dr. Knobloch provides leadership for STEM Learning Systems, and serves as Chair of the Purdue
Agriculture PK-12 Engagement and Outreach Initiative and Co-Director of the Mentoring @ Purdue Program. His scholarship focuses on motivating, engaging and retaining underserved and
underrepresented students (K through Ph.D.) in the agricultural sciences to support and advance the STEM career pipeline.

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