Earn graduate credits this fall while learning to write better, research ethically, and how to develop online courses. Our student success courses are designed to support you as a graduate student and, with GRAD 511, how to become one.

GRAD 511 (1 credit). Corvallis. Designing a path for success. Graduate student learners will be oriented onto paths that will help lead them toward degree completion and success. Students will receive foundational knowledge about graduate school requirements, effective mentor/mentee relationships, financing their education, research integrity and professional conduct, innovation and commercialization, and other soft skills essential for their progress through their graduate program.

GRAD 520 (1 credit). Corvallis and online. Responsible conduct of research. Covers 10 topics in responsible conduct of research: ethical decision making; human subjects; animal welfare; data acquisition; sharing and ownership; research misconduct; conflicts of interest; authorship; peer review; mentor/trainee responsibilities; and collaborative science. Useful to all students who conduct scholarly activity.

GRAD 522 (1 credit). Corvallis. Preparing an IRB submission. Workshop-style course resulting in applications ready for IRB review. Ethical issues in research will be discussed. Course is held for only two days during the entire term!

GRAD 550 (2 credits). Online. Introduction to online course development and facilitation. Prepares students to develop and teach distance courses. Students explore practical aspects of course development and facilitation: a brief history of distance education and pedagogical theory; course design principles; engagement of adult learners; active learning; and investigation of how online instruction, in addition to offering flexibility and convenience, also offers distinct pedagogical benefits. Open to students in all disciplines.

GRAD/WR 599 (3 credits). Corvallis. Graduate writing for English language learners. For students with TOEFL scores above the OSU minimums but who lack confidence in English composition for advanced academic purposes, this course focuses on graduate-level writing for English Language Learners in all disciplines. It covers both grammatical issues that commonly arise within scholarly argumentation and rhetorical strategies for achieving greater clarity and persuasiveness in framing research methods and results. This new course was created in partnership with the School of Writing, Literature, and Film.